Boxing is the best interval based cardiovascular training session on the face of the earth. It combines the fast twitch muscle fibres (high definition) and a maximum cardio output together in a fun and mentally demanding format. Boxing is a sport that involves physical attributes such as mass calorie expenditure in and out of the training session. It also boosts self confidence and the body’s reactions whilst raising awareness of combinations and skills needed to take part in a boxing bout.

Philip is not a “boxercise” trainer … he is a seasoned athletes in his given fields with the experience and knowledge aided with the finest equipment and surrounds to provide every individual with what they are looking for whether it be the boxers body without the boxers face …. or bout related skills and fitness to compete.

Boxing is offered as one-on-one training sessions  and is based on levels of abilit, fitness and clients demand. Phillip hours of coaching are limited so for more information or to book a sessions, please be in contact.