Muay Thai, also known as Thai-boxing or Thai kickboxing, follows the same fitness based principles as boxing. Like boxing, it offers the best interval based cardiovascular training session on the face of the earth combining the fast twitch muscle fibres (high definition) and a maximum cardio output together in a fun and challenging format.

Unlike other forms of kickboxing, Muay Thai is an ancient art. It is referred to as the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’ as unlike boxing and kickboxing which only involve using hands and feet as weapons; Muay Thai involves punches, kicks, knee strikes and the feared elbows for close range combat. It is the ultimate martial art.

Phillip has trained and competed in Thailand and across Europe, his experience is second to none. Lessons can be tailored for optimum fitness and self defence techniques through to bout related skills for fitness and competition level.

Muay Thai is offered as one-on-one training sessions and are based on levels of ability, fitness and clients needs. Phillips coaching hours are limited so please be in contact.