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VO2 Coaching – Personal Training/coaching to help you achieve your specific sports and fitness goals using online programmes and referrals.

PHILLIP is a level 3 (NASM) Personal Trainer and professional coach (WMTA) and (BTF) accredited. PHILLIP designs fully personalised training programmes and provides a one-to-one online and face to face coaching service for all Athletes, regardless of age, fitness, or experience.

Short-Olympic or Long course- whatever the distance and whatever the Sport, PHILLIP has the experience and knowledge to help you keep injury free and unlock your potential to achieve your event results.

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For further information, to register for group sessions, regular arranged rides or classes please be in contact.


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PHILLIP builds your programmes personally with the unique attention to detail that every individual requires to obtain success.


Summer Cycle Hub

we all understand the mundaneness of endurance rides and would like invite all friends  to join our enthusiastic Cycle hub. Please be in contact to arrange meets & times.